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White Paper

7 Reasons to Move to Cloud Financials Now

For businesses to develop and change, they need more flexibility. But frequently, they are constrained by inefficient procedures and antiquated equipment. When you use a cloud-based financial solution, you have the freedom to adjust quickly, which makes you more agile.  Download this white paper to find out more about the 7 Reasons to Move to […]

Internal Mobility: 9 Best Practices to Close Skills Gaps and Remove Barriers

Building a well-structured internal mobility program can help you hire better, develop your talent, share valuable skills, and retain your staff.

The Era of Multi-Cloud Service Has Arrived

The challenge is that each cloud platform functions independently of other cloud platforms, operating as a separate silo with its own development and operation model, taxonomy, services, APIs, and management tools.

Reimagine Telecom – Discover Stories of Digital Transformation

ServiceNow’s single platform streamlines the interconnection between customers, functional teams, and their partner ecosystem—to ignite agility across the business.

How Dynatrace and AWS Lead the Effort of Application Modernization

Today, organizations are implementing application modernization strategies in order to drive scalability and performance for business-critical application portfolios. This helps them to ensure that applications meet current and future business needs. AWS and Dynatrace help organizations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their application portfolio and remain competitive in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Download […]

The Business Value of Nutanix Cloud Platform

Enterprise HCI can support tens of nodes in a single cluster and hundreds of nodes across multiple clusters, providing a lot of room for simple, nondisruptive expansion.

Supercharge Your Workforce Agility with Managed DaaS

This white paper offers a deeper insight into how you can supercharge workforce agility with managed Daas.

Enterprises Accelerate Agility with Managed Cloud Services

Managed cloud services have enabled many companies to transform their cloud services and deploy workloads in multiple infrastructure environments.

Four Essential Steps to Adopting IT as a Service

A consumption-based IT vendor must offer robust choices of technology, expertise in solutions, strong financing, global enterprise-grade support, and advanced infrastructure management capabilities.  Business users get a proactive, flexible capacity buffer that enables adding new resources quickly.  Download this white paper which offers advice to businesses on how to offer cloud services locally. With guidance […]

Think It, Build It, Secure It

Enterprises must adopt security measures to protect the new cloud environment with the help of a security platform that is specifically built for the cloud.