How Blockchain Technology Secures Livelihood

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The controversies related to the blockchain are all in the past. Today the advancement in blockchain has brought forth a number of applications in real life. One of them is your home.

Did you know that directly or indirectly your home devices are connected to blockchain technology? From certain home devices to Non-fungible Tokens (NFT)and cryptocurrencies, you are surrounded by blockchain. Not just this, various fields like insurance, logistics, industries, banking, health, luxury, and energy utilize the blockchain to buffer security and processes.

Home is the final frontier of blockchain. It covers not just the devices but also the services that ensure keeping your house secured.

Blockchain Applications in Real Life

In the following lines, we are going to cover these aspects in their entirety and learn more about them.

Smart Homes

Integration of the Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain can upgrade your home with security and 24/7 surveillance. It removes the intermediaries and provides security solutions through the blockchain platform.

Enhanced smart devices link biometric access systems, door open/close warning, temperature monitoring, intrusion detection, device on/off status, emergency warning systems, and weather monitoring to your mobile devices. Access to home data is being made simple with a single touch.


There is practically nobody who can’t live without medications in your home. From common fever to serious heart or brain ailments, medicine is a requirement for the average family member. 

Blockchain technology ensures your medicines are available on time by scheduling them. The technology can also track the production of medicines from the start to finish, ensuring that it is safe (not counterfeits) and transported with the right methods. 

By connecting the manufacturers, clients, sellers, and dispensers to the blockchain platform, transparency can be ensured.


Blockchain can track where the products come from to the gathering of raw materials, production, safety standards, manufacturing date, expiry dates, and distribution. It helps in tracking frauds in the supply chain or production, managing consumer data, improving loyalty programs, and tracking inventory. 

All these features can be accessed from the blockchain platforms linked to the retail providers from your home devices.


Tracking the agricultural produce was a bit difficult in the past with multiple supply chain managers, farmers, and whole sellers. Blockchain technology can bring this group of providers under one roof.

With sensors and tracking devices, data can be gatherers from the early stages. This accelerates supply chain management, maintain enhances security, and ensures lesser tampering.


Home security is a major concern for every individual with a family. Not just people, the property also comes under this category – like vehicles, devices, safes, garages, etc.

Blockchain framework with IoT connectivity helps in monitoring and controlling the security aspects of your home. The technology decentralizes the security infrastructure making it difficult to hack everything in one go. Smart home security applications can be accessed and controlled remotely by the owner with a smartphone remotely.

Blockchain Helps Livelihood

From managing home security to finances and mortgages, the presence of blockchain does not end here. The future applications of blockchain are increasing as more and more service providers are turning to it.

Let’s see what surprises it can bring to your life in the coming years.

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